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Syllabus of Programming C

1. Basic concept
Computer, Operating system, Basic languages of computer, Low level language, Middle level langage, High level langauge
2. Introduction to “ C ” Language
History of C, Importance of C, Basic Structure of C Programs., Constants , Variables and Data Types, Keywords and identifiers, Declaration of Variables and assigning values, Operators and Expressions, Arithmetic Operators, Relational Operators, Logical Operators, Assignment Operators, Increment and Decrement Operators, Ternary Operator, Arithmetic Expressions, Precedence of Operators,
3. Execution of program
The C Language and its Advantages, The Structure of a C Program, Writing C Programs, Executing a C Program, Reading and Writing a Character, scanf() and printf() Function, Formatted Input and Output, Decision Making & Looping, Decision Making Statements (If, If…Else, If…Else If…Else), Nesting of If…Else, Switch Statements, GOTO Statements, Looping Statements (While, Do…While, For), Jumps in Loops, Nesting of Loops
4. Arrays
Introduction to Arrays, Need for Arrays, Arrays with pointers, Arrays with functions, Types of Arrays, One Dimensional Arrays, Two Dimensional Arrays, Multi Dimensional Arrays, String, Char array (String), Declaring & Initializing String Variables, Strings with pointers, Strings with functions, String Functions, Creation of our own string.h, Array of Strings, Dynamic memory allocation ( DS ), Purpose of dynamic memory allocation, Malloc , calloc , realloc and free Allocating a Block of Memory, Allocating Multiple Block of Memory, Releasing the Used Space
5. Pointers
Basic consept of pointer, Accessing the address of a Variable, Declaring Pointers Variables, Memory concept, Pointers to variable, Pointers to pointers, Pointers with operation, Accessing a Variable through its Pointer, Pointers and Arrays, Pointers and Character String, Array of Pointers, Pointers as Function Arguments
6. Functions and recursion
Introduction to Functions, Need for Functions, Standard & User defined Functions, Pass by Value, pass by Reference, Return by value & return by address, Recursive , Recursion Functions, Passing Arrays to Functions, Passing String to Functions, Scope, Visibility, and Lifetime of Variables
11. Structures and Unions
Defining a Structure, Declaring Structure Variables, Accessing Structure Members, Arrays of Structures, Structure and Functions Unions
7. File Operations
Introduction to files, Types of Files, File Pointers, Opening & Closing Files, Modifying & deleting Files, Interacting with
. text files (ex: .txt, .c, .cpp)
. non text files (ex: .dat, .mpg, .avi, .mp3)
. data base files
Creating database with file operation Command Line Arguments
8. The Preprocessor
Macro Substitution, File Inclusion, Compiler Control Directives,
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